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In short, we are professional payroll, industrial relations, human resources and labour outsourcing experts with over 20 years’ experience. The long spiel is that we know that life can get busy being the master of the universe. Here’s where we come in, we assist with the admin of managing the heart of every business—its people. And we’re good at it too. In part because our crackerjack crew run a tight ship, but mostly because your people and your business matter to us.

We offer a completely integrated labour management service, however, should you only need one or a few of our show-stopper services, we can fix you up with a made-to-measure package.



At Edmalinx, we manage the payroll of casual and permanent staff, no matter the size, complexity, or location (yes, that means over-the-seas as well even though local is lekker). Our zero tolerance approach to error ensures that we’re a well-oiled, timeous, and accurate payroll machine.

Our eagle-eyed team offer:

  • Reliable and affordable payroll processing solutions
  • A secure database system (VIP) with syncing capabilities with any existing payroll
  • Comprehensive audits
  • Quick irregularity detection
  • Accurate reports (staff turnover, employee equity, etc.)
  • Job costing services
  • PAYE / UIF / SDL (Skills Development Levy) / WCA (Workmen’s Compensation Assistance) calculations
  • Extensive knowledge of Department of Labour and SARS requirements
  • Local and international payroll

Labour Outsourcing

The secret to a successful business is not rocket science, a happy workforce is a productive and loyal workforce. With this nugget in mind, we can take over your existing staff and help you navigate the rocky Labour Law landscape of South Africa. We do this better by applying a principled approach with a tight grip on the reins, and ensuring the happiness and safety of our staff.

Our ace labour outsourcing also:

  • Provide and build a suitable temporary or permanent workforce across a variety of industries
  • Handle the payroll of this workforce
  • Conduct ethical outsourcing
  • Conduct site management
    • Mediate contract negotiations
    • Manage hours and attendance
    • Interface with employees
    • Identify and address employee’s needs (loans, cellphone contracts, etc.)
  • Handle disciplinary issues
  • Execute undercover services/performance reports
  • Manage provident funds
  • Provide risk management services
  • General administration
    • Employee files
    • Garnishees
    • ID copies

Industrial Relations

Industrial relations can be a messy business, luckily we’re not afraid of getting our hands a little dirty. Moreover, we’re well practiced in keeping all matters spic and span by the book, and out of labour court ‘chookie’. No industrial relations mission is impossible with our extensive experience in the field, cross-sector knowledge pool, and court-averse approach.

Industrial Relations

Our industrial relations services include:

  • Private dispute mediation and arbitration with an independent board of competent attorneys
  • Conflict mediation
  • CCMA representation
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Counselling
  • Negotiations with trade unions
  • Consultation at any stage of the disciplinary process
  • Good goodbyes aka mutual separations
  • Drafting contracts and agreements
    • Charges
    • Policies
    • Dismissal notices
    • Separation agreements

Human Resources

Our human resources is an everything you need and the kitchen sink service designed to support your company’s wide-ranging people management needs. This service can be adopted on a full-time or consultancy basis and fully exploits our up-to-date industry knowledge and experience.

Besides the kitchen sink, our human resources services also include:

  • OHSA compliance and COIDA compliance
  • Performance management
  • Grievance procedures
  • Assistance with skills development reporting and submissions (WSPs and ATRs)
  • Employment equity (BBBEE) reporting and compliance
  • BBBEE consulting
  • Training (policies and procedures)
  • Ethics committee meetings
  • Reports (absenteeism, work performance, health and safety, ethics, staff turnover analysis, etc.)
  • Assistance with Department of Labour inspections
  • Drafting HR/IR policies and procedures
  • Drafting employment contracts
Human Resources

Recruitment is also a significant part of our human resources offering. We consider this our secret superpower service, characterised by our split-arrow intuition and thorough background investigations. This groundwork and sixth sense means that we pick only the best apples for your organisational needs, culture and bottom line.


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